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Daily Archives: February 7, 2017

DIY Vitamin C Serum | Erase Fine Lines and Dark Spots with this 5 Minute Solution

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DIY Vitamin C Serum

DIY Vitamin C Serum

Outside of sunscreen, vitamin c in the form of ascorbic acid is one of the most important topical treatments for aging skin. It is loaded in antioxidants and if used correctly, it can reverse free radical damage and promote collagen production. I mention sunscreen because vitamin c will not protect your skin from sun damage, but it can mitigate some of the effects.

Vitamin C naturally occurs in the skin and diminishes with age, excessive exposure to ultraviolet light and exposure to smoke and pollution. Those pesky dark spots that people commonly refer to as “age spots” are not age spots at all– they occur from sun damage. While chemical peeling agents like glycolic acid can gradually reduce dark spots, they work best when paired with an antioxidant like vitamin c.

My recipe for DIY vitamin c serum has some lengthy disclaimers, but the final product will only take you a few minutes to put together. It is really important that you read this post in entirety and decide if you are willing to take the time to measure out all of your ingredients and test the pH level every time that you make it. If you are not, I would not recommend making this serum at home– you will only damage your skin. I have included instructions for storing each small batch and how to add a preservative if you want a slightly longer shelf-life.