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Daily Archives: June 10, 2017

The Best DIY Mask for Hormonal Acne that You’ve Never Heard Of


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DIY Mask for Hormonal Acne

DIY Mask for Hormonal Acne

The Best DIY Mask for Hormonal Acne

That You’ve Never Heard Of

For me, there is nothing better than stumbling across a secret ingredient that very few people seem to be talking about. It seems like once the word about a new product gets out, it spreads so quickly. Whether it is something you consume, like charcoal drinks, or a natural skin care ingredient, like licorice root, it is usually just a matter of time before EVERYONE and their mother is talking about it.

A while back, I found a string of threads in an old beauty site forum. (If I could remember the site, I would share it. :-)) A few people had started a discussion about hormonal breakouts and cysts, and someone mentioned PRID. I did a quick search on PRID, and found that it is a drawing salve used for splinters, blisters and ingrown hairs.

I was instantly intrigued. If this drawing salve is safe for skin and draws out impurities, wouldn’t it be perfect for cystic breakouts? And, aside from just a spot treatment for acne, could this be incorporated in a face mask? And finally, why is no one talking about using drawing salve in a face mask?!