DIY Fall Wreath | Tutorial for Large Autumn Wreath with Leaves

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DIY fall wreath tutorial for large Autumn wreath

DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial for Large Autumn Wreath with Bows and Leaves

DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial

I cannot believe that September is approaching already. It feels way to early to decorate for fall, but I am excited to break out my fall signs and neutral colored decorative pumpkins. I’m not usually one for Halloween decorations or bright orange pumpkins, but this year I wanted to embrace fall with a colorful wreath.

This diy fall wreath tutorial takes a little bit of time, but the end product is well worth it. I purchased all of the decorative elements from the dollar store, but you might want to browse the craft store or Amazon for some fall decor deals. The dollar store is great, but sometimes the packaging sizes are very small. If you end up buying four or five of something, you’re better off finding a larger package at the craft store.

To make this large diy fall wreath, you will need to start with a wreath frame. You can purchase these at any craft store or you can find them on Amazon for a few dollars. I use an 18 inch frame for my large wreath, but if you want it a little bit smaller, you can opt for a 14 or 12 inch. You will also need floral wire for securing the fake moss, leaves and flowers.

Dollar Store Wreath Supplies

Almost all of the decorative items for the wreath were purchased at the dollar store. For ribbon, I bought the Autumn Theme Wire-Edged in two solid colors and two patterns. I used the harvest green and pumpkin orange pictured below, the fall chevron pattern and a white ribbon with fall quotes.

DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial Large Autumn Wreath

For the rest of the wreath, I used a mix of maple and oak leaves and artificial flowers from the Dollar Tree. This diy fall wreath is so easy to customize based on your preference of flowers and leaves. If you are following the tutorial exactly, I purchased the Floral Garden 5-Stem Ball Mum Bushes in cream and red. I also bought the 6-Stem Open and Closed Rose Bushes in orange and white. For the leaves, I used the a couple varieties of the 6 stem maple leaves– the burlap and the one with berries. I also purchased a bag of 50 count individual maple leaves and a 50 count bag of individual oak leaves.

DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial

Just a note before I go through the tutorial, it is so much easier to use the dollar store leaves with stems then to attach the individual leaves. The 50 count bags are definitely cost effective, but they can be time consuming.

DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial

You will need:

  1. 18 inch wire frame
  2. Floral wire
  3. Five 25 cubic inch bags of Reindeer Moss (125 cubic inches total)
  4. Four Floral Garden 5-Stem Ball Mum Bushes in Cream
  5. Five Floral Garden 5-Stem Ball Mum Bushes in Red
  6. One 9 ft.Wire-Edged Ribbon in Green Harvest
  7. One 9 ft. Wire-Edged Ribbon in Pumpkin Orange
  8. One 9 ft. Wire-Edged Ribbon Fall Chevron
  9. One 9 ft. Wire-Edged Ribbon Fall Quote Pattern
  10. One 6-Stem Open and Closed Rose Bushes in Orange
  11. One 50 count Maple Leaves
  12. One 50 count Oak Leaves
  13. Four Floral Garden 6-Stem Maple Leaf Bushes
  14. Three Floral Garden 6-Stem Maple Leaf with Berries Bushes


To start, you will need your wire wreath frame, floral wire and reindeer moss. Lay the frame face up on a flat surface and begin stuffing the frame with the moss. You only need a thin layer. The moss gives something for the leaves and flowers to “tuck into” and ensures that any bare spots are covered. This takes about five bags of the dollar tree sized bags of reindeer moss, or around 125 cubic inches. I would recommend buying moss at the craft store if you are looking to save some money. You can get one large bag for a few dollars instead of buying five small bags at the dollar tree.

Wrap your floral wire around the entire frame and loop all the way around the frame. This will hold the moss in place and reinforce your wreath frame. Next, make your bows. I was able to make two large bows from each 9 foot roll of ribbon.

diy fall wreath tutorial

Make the Bows

Hold the end of the ribbon and make five large loops. Secure the ribbon in place with the floral wire by wrapping it around the center of the ribbon. I placed the green bows on the left and right, symmetrically and the orange bows and the top and bottom. Next, make two bows from the chevron ribbon and place them across from each other between two of the orange and green bows. Rotate the wreath so that the top and bottom are missing bows. Make a bow from the fall quote print ribbon and place it on the bottom of the wreath. For the top, I did half chevron and half of the fall quote print, but feel free to do whatever you like.

Add the Flowers

Next add flowers. Remove the orange flowers from the stem and place them one by one in between the bows. I left the mum stems together and added the cream and red flower bundles, alternating each color to the right of each bow. As you add flowers, secure them with floral wire.

diy fall wreath tutorial

Add the Leaves

Finally, add the leaves. The individual leaves can be difficult to work with. I arranged them in bundles and tied the plastic ends with floral wire. Stuff the leaves in between all of the bows and flowers. Point some of the leaves down toward the middle of the wreath and point the leaves on the top edges toward the outside. Keep layering the leaves until the wreath appears full, then secure the ends of the leaves with floral wire.

DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial


I hope you found this tutorial helpful for making your own diy fall wreath! I love how bright and colorful this wreath turned out. To hang the wreath, I used a magnet hook so that I could position it right where I wanted it on my door.

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