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How to Use Ylang Ylang Essential Oil for Balancing Hormones


How to Use Ylang Ylang Essential Oil to Balance Hormones Elle's Space Lifestyle How to Use Ylang Ylang Essential Oil for Balancing Hormones

How to Use Ylang Ylang Essential Oil to Naturally Balance Hormones

Ylang ylang essential oil is powerful oil that is often touted as a miracle solution for natural hormone regulation. A quick Google search will bring up a lot of websites that link ylang ylang oil to hormones. If you scan through many of them, you will find that there is nothing to substantiate this claim. Why or how does this essential oil influence your hormones?

Like anything else that is natural or plant-based, it is important to research how a substance actually affects the human body before you start using it medicinally.

I have nothing against holistic or natural care, however, too often I see people throwing around health claims for products that are untested. While I understand the appeal of using naturally derived ingredients, it is important to understand what research says about those ingredients.

Is Your Toothpaste Causing Acne? Find Out What Ingredients to Avoid in this Comprehensive Guide.


Is Your Toothpaste Causing Acne? Find Out What Ingredients To Avoid in this Comprehensive Guide.

Is Your Toothpaste Causing Acne?

Is Your Toothpaste Causing Acne?

There is nothing worse than suffering from acne when you are taking great care of your skin. You take the time to research every ingredient that you apply to your skin. You never sleep in your make-up. And still those pesky breakouts show up. While hormones, diet and physical environment all play a role in acne, there are other culprits that you use every day that may be causing breakouts.

Why Your Laser Hair Removal Is Not Working | Compare Lasers and Get Results


Why Your Laser Hair Removal Is Not Working

If you are frustrated with your laser hair removal results or thinking about trying it, read this first! 

If you turn on your radio or follow any “daily deal sites” like Groupon, then you know just how many places offer laser hair removal. I’m not just talking about medical spas — it seems like everyone and their mother is offering laser hair removal, including family doctor practices.

My first experience (actually 8 if you count all of the sessions) was at a local chiropractor’s office that also offered facials, spa treatments, weight loss “lasers” and too good to be true laser hair removal packages. I was really interested in the fact that their laser hair removal was pain-free and left my first session wondering why everyone complained about how painful their laser hair removal treatments were.

Long story short, I continued through the sessions because I had pretty good results after 28 weeks, but everything came back after that. My technician acted shocked that I did not have results after my sixth session and offered to give me two discounted sessions. Yes, I’m a sucker.

After scheduling a consultation at a more reputable medical spa, I learned a lot more about how many types of lasers there are, why some work and why others do not.

Bottom Line

While the low prices at these deal sites may be tempting, you need to find out what exactly you are paying for before you commit to one session let alone multiple sessions.

I have listed below the different type of lasers that are currently on the market, which lasers have the best results, and why you should avoid any pain-free “lasers”– especially the ones that look like an ultrasound machine. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before you sign up for any deals! All laser hair removal is not the same!